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“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are”

– Chinese proverb


Experience what it feels like to be truly relaxed and at peace with this beautiful, free deep relaxation audio you can listen to at any time.

Most of us have no idea how it feels to be truly relaxed and at peace. Our lives are so crammed full of things to do, read, watch and worry about that doing nothing is truly a revolutionary act….and a blissful relief!



Praise For This Relaxation Track

Just a quick note to say thank you for the beautiful 20 minute relaxation audio. I am absolutely blissed out. Divine words, stunning music, all of it so gorgeous. I can’t live without this meditation, absolutely love it.

Kris Franken

Journalist, Editor, Blogger

This is so beautiful! Truly relaxing and your voice is beautiful. I love how the music goes longer at the end so you can drift a bit longer in that blissful space. Thank you for so generously sharing, it’s a fantastic gift you have!

Anna Schroeder

Wellbeing Coach

This Is for You If:

  • You have trouble switching off and sleeping at the end of the day
  • You feel overwhelmed by all you have on your plate
  • You find it hard to let go of worries and overthinking
  • You feel stuck in your life but can’t seem to figure a way out of it
  • You’ve been going through a lot of upheaval and change
  • You’ve been feeling run down and unwell and need help with healing
  • You have a stress-related illness like IBS, high blood pressure or recurring infections
  • You’re low on energy and frequently tired
  • You like the idea of a guided meditation to relax and let go

But I Already Relax. Why is This Different?

Relaxation is the key to healing and to living a good life.

We’re not told that, though, are we?

We’re told that pushing, doing and always giving to others and to our jobs is the key to approval and success.

Our idea of ‘relaxing’ is slumping in front of our TV’s, computers and phones every evening. (Yes, I’m guilty too!) This, unfortunately, is not relaxation – it’s just the opposite – it’s more stimulation for our already overtaxed nervous systems.

To sleep well, heal from illness and have high levels of energy for our daily lives, we need to give our bodies and minds a chance to restore themselves.

By the end of this 20 minutes of bliss, you should have a whole different experience of what it is to be truly relaxed.

Experience Feeling Calmer & Happier from Today

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Give this track a chance to work its magic and see how much better you can feel in just 20 minutes a day.

I hope you enjoy!


Niamh x