Align With Your True Self

Everything you need to heal and transform yourself is already within you.


You haven’t been told that. But it’s true.

And when you know that….it changes everything!

Most of us have learned to distrust ourselves, our bodies and our gut instincts. We hand all our decision making over to our minds…then our thoughts lead us round in circles of worry, fear and confusion. Or we source our authority from others – other people (family, friends, ‘experts’) know better than we do.

So we lose trust in ourselves.

And when you lose your connection to your own deep knowing, this shows up in ways very personal to you: anxiety, shame, resentment, outbursts of anger, insomnia or waking at night to worry. It also shows up physically as frequent or chronic illness, pain you can’t get rid of or weight gain or loss.

Sometimes, it’s just a constant underlying sense that something’s not right.


But what if the symptoms making you feel so uncomfortable are just messengers?


On the other side of your difficulties are the very things that you’ve always desired:

Love for yourself; a deep sense of inner peace; joy and energy for life; the feeling that you can trust yourself finally; the courage to step into the life you’re supposed to be living…an end to all the battles you have fought against yourself.
I offer a number of really effective options for connecting back to yourself and your inner wisdom…and healing the root causes of what is really troubling or depleting you.

Work With Me

Reiki Healing Dublin

During reiki you can experience much-needed deep relaxation and rebalancing of your energy. When giving reiki, I am often am able to sense what is at the root of the underlying issues you are experiencing and, if you wish, can pass on this information to you with suggestions on how you can guide yourself back to wholeness and healing.

Many of my clients find this intuitive guidance every bit as useful as the energy healing itself! Find Out More

Meditation Class Dublin

Meditation & Yoga Nidra are the best tools I know for calming an anxious mind, healing your body, bringing more joy to your life and bringing you huge confidence in your decisions, as you connect to your inner wise voice.

Join my small group classes or receive personalised meditation support as part of my one-on-one healing packages. Find Out More

What People Are Saying

The wonderful women I have worked with have had surprising results!

I would, most definitely, recommend Niamh – I’ll be telling everyone I meet!

I had never undertaken a nutrition consultation or reiki before and found it incredibly insightful in far more ways than I expected.

The session was not just purely about nutrition but covered the roots of why I eat what I do. I feel like I addressed so many issues that cause me to be anxious on a regular basis, things that are just humming along in the background even when I’m not conscious of it. This has helped me no end.
Even now, days after the reiki, I feel much calmer and able to put things into perspective. I slept so well that night and woke up the next morning with a new sense of resolve and calm.
I think the session as a whole really opened my eyes.
Niamh’s presence is very calming and utterly non-judgemental. Her level of perception about issues, not just specifically on food but the psychology behind diet and eating, was amazing and means that the session has had a resounding effect – not just on my diet – but on my general outlook.
Rachael Sharp

Dublin 5

I felt a deep sense of relaxation after my reiki session with Niamh – and slept brilliantly that night.
I was amazed that she was able to pick up on a personal issue just through the session and because of this I have addressed this issue. I also felt calmer in work and felt a stronger ability to keep calm in general.
The surroundings were nice too – it was a lovely quiet room.

I would definitely recommend her.

Lynn Donovan-Witt


Reiki with Niamh always leaves me feeling very relaxed, at ease and revitalised. After every session I sleep so well and the next day I feel a renewed sense of self – like I’m ready to take on any situation!
What I like best is the sense of calm and non-judgement that Niamh brings. There’s a wisdom and sincerity to her work that I intuitively respond to. I feel I can totally let go, even if that means I end up crying during the session!
The sense of revival I feel after reiki is incredible, I really feel my energy flows better and I have a renewed sense of well-being.
I would 100% recommend her.
Aoife Kelly

Dublin 4

After reiki with Niamh, I felt more relaxed than I had in years, with a great sense of inner calm and peace. I had been struggling with sleep but that evening, I was able to drift off to sleep peacefully and without waking. This was huge for me!

Niamh’s sessions are a treat to give yourself. If you want some time out to reconnect with your yourself, experience deep relaxation, better sleep,  stress release and general well-being, then I can definitely recommend her.

She is kind and gentle in her approach and she is very comfortable with anything coming up.  She creates a very safe place for you to let go and be yourself.

I come back for reiki every time I’m feeling stressed or out of balance.
Sheila Walshe

Skerries, Co. Dublin