Sometimes Our Lives Get Completely Rearranged


…and We’re Not Always Prepared

Are you facing into a big change in your life? 

  • Perhaps you’ve taken on something new: motherhood, career change or house move

  • Or maybe you’ve had to say goodbye: to a loved one, a relationship, a phase of your life

  • You could be at an earlier stage? You’re feeling a call to change up some area of your life, but you’re besieged by self-doubt and worry.

  • Or perhaps it’s years after a life-changing experience and you’re still struggling to adjust?

You Don't Have to Do This Alone

Life is full of transitions. We may choose them, or they might be forced upon us. But they’re times when we move from what is comfortable and familiar into a whole new uncertain stage in our lives.

With no roadmap for how on earth we navigate this new territory!

Change can feel really overwhelming. Especially when we don’t receive the understanding, support and care we need to hold us steady.

Right now you might be feeling lost, alone and, probably, a little scared. You may have physical pain and illness. You might not understand why your life has taken on this new direction…or who you are now that so much is new.

The things that worked for you before are not working for you now.

I know – I’ve been there too…and more than once!

But there are ways of making it easier…much easier.

With every struggle in our lives, there’s a real opportunity to get to know ourselves more, to heal pain we maybe didn’t even realise we were carrying and to become a bigger, more truer version of ourselves. And calmer, happier and more content in the long-run.

You really can take your struggles…and turn them into your medicine.

But you may need support to get there. 

That’s Why I’m Here…

What You Can Expect

Would you love…

  • Time and space to work through all your feelings and worries in a kind and non-judgemental way?
  • Courage to face new challenges in your life and trust that everything is going to be okay?
  • Energy healing to let go of pain and trauma and feel deeply calm and comforted?
  • Deep rest and relaxation to restore your energy and connect back to yourself?
  • Insightful, intuitive and practical guidance on your path ahead?
  • Clarity on a confusing situation or a life decision you need to make?
  • To understand the greater soul meaning of what you’re going through right now and how best you can approach your challenges?
  • To feel radically different over time – clearer, calmer and more confident about moving through this stage in your life?
I use reiki energy healing to restore and calm you and connect you back to who you are, returning you to balance, health and happiness.

During our private one-to-one sessions, you will have the chance to speak freely in a caring and totally non-judgemental environment about what is happening for you in your life.

Through reiki, I rebalance your energy and lift off heavy emotions so you feel calmer, lighter and stronger. I am also able to tap into your energy during the session and feed back to you the higher guidance for this stage in your life.

This might include practical information on how you can heal or move through any issues, what is at the root of your pain or struggles and what soul lessons your current experiences are trying to teach you.

This combination of energy healing and insight has led clients to really move through blocks in their life, make big decisions…or simply just given them permission to look after themselves and ask for what they need.

What People Are Saying

The wonderful women I have worked with have had surprising results!

Before I booked my sessions with Niamh I was feeling incredibly stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and not sleeping well at all.  I had some major things going on in my family life at the time and I felt this was impacting every aspect of my life and my business.

Niamh has an amazing gift of powerful intuition and hit the nail completely on the head when we were talking about what was going on for me and how I was feeling.

Often when you go to a new therapist, I think it feels difficult at first to explain what’s going on and to let go of the feeling of being judged.  I didn’t once feel that with Niamh. I felt really understood, uplifted, calmer and stronger every time I left. 

Working with Niamh helped to bring me back to myself and grounded me at a time where I was feeling under a huge amount of pressure.

You will come away feeling lighter, stronger and with a feeling of being held – that really lasts.  I cannot recommend Niamh highly enough.

Bernie Creaner

Doula, Liffey Doulas

Lost, confused and absolutely exhausted is how I would have described myself before going into Niamh.

My sessions with her were transformative. I feel like they unlocked parts of myself that hadn’t seen the light of day in a long time. I am so much stronger and happier as a direct result.

I think that empowering myself to take this window of time to stop and just be in my own skin, without all the distractions of life, was amazing. I have a hard time setting aside time to meditate as regularly as I would like, but knowing that I would be able to clear my mind and re-set at my reiki sessions became a necessity for me for that 6 month period.

I would absolutely recommend Niamh to anyone who is ready to make changes, who wants to shift their perspective, find inner strength or who just wants to stop and reset. I cannot speak more highly of Niamh and what she does.
Jessica Ryan


I used to struggle a lot with situations in various areas of my life due to overwhelming emotions. I came to Reiki after a very stressful year and after trying different techniques.

Niamh was recommended by a friend and I can never thank that friend enough for her recommendation.

After a few sessions I felt more grounded and empowered, and as I went along I was able to deal with my emotions instead of having them ruling my daily life. A lot of release and letting go occurred.

I can only recommend Niamh to anybody who is willing and looking to improve their overall wellbeing, no matter what their issues are.

Niamh is one of the most caring, honest and humble practitioners I have met. Most importantly she is able to create and hold that space for you to simply be. It is worth giving it a go as it will definitely start to change your life.


Niamh was like my life saver this year. Without her empathy, understanding of my work situation, the questions she raised and the awesome Reiki, I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today. I felt great after each session and still feel great months later.
I recommend Niamh to everyone!

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