If you’ve been wondering what this mindfulness craze is all about but haven’t done anything about it, I’d love you to try the new FREE audio I sent to my email subscribers this week.

It’s just 6 minutes long, so it can be fit into any time of the day and in any location (escaping from an open-plan office to a toilet cubicle to meditate used to be my speciality when things got too overwhelming!!)

When you sign up, you receive the following lovely freebies:

  • A 20-minute deep guided relaxation audio to listen to at the end of the day. This is a wonderful way to move out of stress and into true relaxation, so you can gain clarity on those problems you were stressing about and then drift off to peaceful sleep.
  • A 6-minute guided mindfulness meditation that will help you connect back to yourself and calm an anxious mind at any time of day and in any situation (in your car/walking down the street/sitting on your couch/looking after kids/preparing for a big meeting or interview)


RETURN TO PEACE Free Mindfulness Meditation


These guided meditations are for you if:

  • You’d like to try meditation but you’ve no idea where to start
  • You’ve tried mindfulness before, but you just couldn’t stick with it
  • You have an overactive mind and can never switch it off
  • You have trouble sleeping
  • You tend to release stress by either flying off the handle or retreating into yourself and worrying


I’d love you to try these meditations and let me know how you get on. Just sign up here or below.

And, if you try them and would like to experiment some more with meditation, I’ll be teaching a workshop at Wellfest this year!! I’m really excited to join the amazing line-up of teachers and health experts in Dublin’s Herbert Park. My Dru Meditation workshop is bright and early on Sunday morning, 19th September.

I’d love to see you there….

Niamh x


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