Sunday Sanctuary at Kerala Kitchen Dublin
The Busier Your Life Gets, The More You Need To Slow Down
Sunday Sanctuary Meditation and Massage

Are You Craving Time Out?

  • Is your favourite part of a yoga class savasana…but you feel it’s never long enough?!
  • Do you often feel like you have too much on your plate and would love to slow down and have someone guide you into feeling deeply relaxed and blissfully calm?
  • Do you often promise yourself time out, but never really take it?


When we give our minds and bodies that chance to slow down and restore balance, we notice the difference very quickly.

And over time, it can change everything!


Yoga Meditation Massage Dublin

We created Sunday Sanctuary to give you exactly what you need:


Time Out – Stillness – Rest – Nourishment – Calm



On Sunday 20th August, leave your busy life at the door, let us work our magic…and float out feeling refreshed and ready to begin your new week with energy and clarity! 🙂



Experience deep relaxation, yoga nidra, massage and essential oils, guided meditation…and a lovely lunch around a big table to bring you back down to earth at the end.


No need for any experience of meditation or yoga…these workshops are open to everyone!

The Details

Deep Relaxation

This is maybe the most important part of the workshop!

You’ll be getting extremely comfy – lying down, covered in blankets, with lavender-scented eye pillows – and listening to a beautiful guided deep relaxation to calm and restore the mind and body.


While lying in deep relaxation, 

everyone will enjoy a short, but effective Indian head and Ayurvedic facial pressure point massage treatment

to help you sink into blissful relaxation and healing!


Enjoy a beautiful guided meditation.

 We’ll concentrate on bringing deep calm to your body and mind…finding your centre of balance, so that you can face into what might be a hectic September, with renewed clarity and calm.


After the workshop, we will gather round a big table to fill up on bowls of delicious, healthy food.

After so many classes and workshops, we rush off to other parts of our lives.

This time, we’d like to take the chance to treat ourselves to good food and good conversation 🙂

How would it feel to….



  • Prepare for the new autumn season, through regaining your centre of balance: feeling newly calm, clear & energised
  • Sleep well and wake up refreshed
  • Enjoy a  gorgeous Indian massage – a gentle but powerful Ayurvedia head and face massage
  • Bring meditation into your life in the easiest way possible. Guided through it…often while lying down, under blankets!
  • Get a whole hour and a half to switch off, allow your body to heal and your mind to come back into balance
  • Meet other lovely people and share a delicious lunch round a big table afterwards, instead of just rushing back out into the world
  • Find that over time, this practice helps you worry less and take things more in your stride. In fact, you regularly feel happy for no reason!



All workshops take place at the lovely Fumbally Stables, behind the Fumbally Cafe, Dublin 8

(The workshop will be upstairs in the yoga studio and we’ll move downstairs to the beautiful ‘long room’ for our lunch & chats)

How Much?

€40 per person

(includes both workshop & delicious lunch)


Sunday, August 20th


Lunch follows at 2:30pm!


Niamh Gallagher Meditation Class

Niamh is a Dru meditation teacher, a yoga nidra teacher, reiki healer, nutrition coach & award-winning wellness blogger.

She believes meditation doesn’t have to be hard (or even too serious!) and uses guided visualisations, deep mindful breathing and relaxation to help rewire your brain and nervous system for calm, ease and joy.

Meditation and yoga nidra (the yoga of sleep) have been wonderful supports in healing her body and calming her mind after many years of illness and anxiety and she loves bringing these same benefits to others.

Ffion has been practicing holistic therapies for a number of years, and has been driven by the the positivity and joy she has received from clients who’ve been treated by her.

Her main therapies focus on the upper and lower ends of the body: Indian Head Massage, Ayurvedic Face Lift Massge & Ayurvedic Foot & Leg Massage.

Through these treatments, clients have experienced release of tension from the head, neck, face & jaw, (which is often a cause of headaches), bursts of creativity and ideas, and a reduction of fluid retention & swelling in sore legs and feet.


We look forward to seeing you there!


If you have any questions, please drop me a line any time at or call 087 9716937




Niamh & Ffion xx