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I’m delighted to have won Best Health & Wellbeing Blog at this year’s Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards!

I also won SILVER for Best Blog Post.

Hope you enjoy reading!


Are You Afraid Of How You Feel?

With Christmas almost upon us, there's no better time to talk about....feeeeeelings! Because if ever there was a time of year to bring up all those buried grievances, anger and grief, it's the season of goodwill. When we spend more time than usual with our families...

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Have You Tried Mindfulness Meditation?

If you've been wondering what this mindfulness craze is all about but haven't done anything about it, I'd love you to try the new FREE audio I sent to my email subscribers this week. It's just 6 minutes long, so it can be fit into any time of the day and in any...

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Why Are You Refusing to Rest?

Rest is revolutionary — Uma Dinsmore-Tuli   So many women come to me run down, overwhelmed and low on energy.    They complain of being exhausted or run-down and want a quick fix. Is there a supplement they can take? Or a remedy of some kind that will help them keep...

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3 Steps to Self-Acceptance and True Happiness

Are you hoping to find happiness through changing yourself? Do you secretly believe that you are not now good enough - and all will be well once you’ve lost 10 lbs, got fit, found a new job and secured the perfect partner? I know I did. Still do, sometimes! The shiny,...

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